LUMOS NANO Portable Projector Review - Small Projector, HUGE possibilities!

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Behold, the Lumos Nano Home Cinema Mini Portable Projector Review! There have been a few of my friends asking me "Is this projector good?" after posting it on Instagram, it seems like this brand is pretty well known. After using it for a while and based on the features it has, I would agree with a definite "yes". Nano is one of the most portable and well-rounded projectors I have ever come across!

Before this - I was using another projector, however, my old projector was 4 times the size of the Lumos projector. It was hard getting it set up + the video and sound quality were horrible. We couldn't read the subtitles or even hear what the actors were saying clearly. I had to squint my eyes and we had to be really quiet to listen and catch the story. It resulted in me and my partner not using it and skipping our movie nights. 

Ever since I received the Nano Portable Projector - we are enjoying our stay-in movie nights! 😍 It definitely elevated our Netflix experience, and the Dolby Audio speakers make us feel like we're in a cinema! (Even better than that, we get to lie on the bed while watching, rather than sitting!). I tried the video quality in a well-lit room and I could still see details. (Of course, using it a dark room will be much more enjoyable.) With 1500 lumens and for a high-quality projection, this projector is definitely worth every dollar.

I was thrilled when I realised I could connect it to my Nintendo switch with NO SET UP required, just plug and play! It was fuss-free and other than movie nights, we now have game nights! We could invite friends over or we could bring our switch and projector out, because we can literally play anywhere now, as long the power for the Nintendo console is plugged in. But no need for the projector, it can remain unplugged when it's charged and you can bring it anywhere!

Don't have a Nintendo Switch or PS5? Just plug into your computer/laptop and you can play Overwatch / DOTA / Genshin Impact / Valorant / PUBG on a plain wall! The "pewpewpew" and the sweet "double kill" sound effects through the Dolby Audio speakers make us feel that the winner-winner chicken dinner feels more accomplished somehow.

Don't have any of those above? And don't want to use cables? Fret not! It's compatible with your phones! Use phone apps like Instagram, TikTok, or even play MLBB (Mobile Legends) on a massive screen! With phone screen mirroring apps, you can simply cast your phone screen on the projected 100 inch screen – without any cables at all! Works for iPhones and also Android phones like Samsung and more. With inbuilt Netflix and Youtube into this SMART Nano projector, you don't even need a mobile phone! Just a WIFI connection will suffice!

Also, the top of the projector is actually a touchscreen mouse that you can use to navigate and type in your details to login into your Netflix account. If you prefer to use external equipment, you can also plug in your keyboard and mouse via the USB port or Bluetooth (for Bluetooth-compatible devices)!

There's a premium feature that I discovered but mostly overlooked. The projector has a Vertical Auto Adjustment Keystone Correction feature. When you tilt the projector upwards, it auto-adjusts itself to the best rectangular shape to adapt to it. Keystone correction (up to +-40 degrees vertically and horizontally) can also be configured manually to ensure that the screen is always in sync and fully rectangular in a multitude of positions.

The thought process of the user experience and details this projector are manufactured on... just surprising and very welcomed! I don't take this for granted because I remembered having to walk forward, backward, left, and right countless times, wasting time fiddling with my old projector previously to get it into a nice rectangle shape. Now, it's just so much easier with Nano!

I also appreciate that their projectors come with 1 full 1-year local warranty. I'm sure if you spend hundreds of dollars on a device, you would want to spend the money with peace of mind! With the local warranty, you can be sure what you pay is what you get and if it's not - write into them to get it fixed!

Overall, I'm just really impressed by how something so small can bring so many possibilities! Ttyl, I'm gonna head to #projectorphotography for some inspirational ideas for a photoshoot! If you would like to check out LUMOSprojectors, you can find out more details on their Facebook & Instagram.

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