13 Lesser-Known Telegram Channels in Singapore You Don't Want to Miss Out

Friday, August 18, 2023

With a plethora of useful channels and bots, as well as life-saving lifehacks, Telegram is beyond an exceptional messaging platform. However, one of its standout features is the never-ending list of diverse Telegram channels available for practically every imaginable topic.

While you might have already been invited by your friend to join some popular channels, we're now sharing 13 lesser-known Telegram channels that you definitely wouldn't want to miss out on. This way, you'll undoubtedly impress your friends and family with your newfound knack for discovering great deals—whether it's for the latest concerts and movies or the trendiest BBT deals.

(1) SG Travel Deal

If you're all about wanderlust and need some travel deal and idea inspo, this channel is your ultimate spot. They dish out travel plans and make sure you're in the loop with the freshest flight and hotel promos. Come join here!

(2) SG Fitness & Health

Passionate about fitness? Look no further! SG Fitness and Health's Telegram channel is your hub for Singapore's best deals on lifestyle, workouts, and events. Stay updated on trendy sportswear and classes like Ground Zero boxing. Stay active amidst your busy schedule!

(3) SG Parents Group

Explore family and kids' events, unlock parenting and children's deals, and access crucial knowledge and support for your parenting journey

(4) SG Memes Group

If you're seeking a channel for laughter, genuine daily life memes, and entertainment, your search ends here. Go and join Umbragesg!

(5) SG Adulting 101

Even if you still hold onto your inner child in you, it's time to put on your big boy pants and acquire some #adulting know-how, as the Millennials fancy. The SG Adulting 101 Telegram channel offers insights on career, investment tips, and home buying for grown-ups like you.

(6) SG Cute Buy

If you're constantly on the lookout for Adorable finds and can't resist charming purchases, this channel is tailor-made for you. Simply hop in and indulge in shopping for an array of irresistibly cute items, many sourced from Shopee.

(7) SG BBT

For 1-for-1s, slashed prices, half off the second cup, and everything Bubble tea. If "bubble tea is life" left your lips, this channel is your boba haven.

(8) SG Home & Reno Deals

Embarking on a new home journey? Lacking reno ideas, hunting budget-friendly furniture, or aiming for elevated home luxury? Jump aboard for inspiration and deals at Sg Home Deal!

(9) SG Food Lover

Distinguished from other food channels, SG Food Lovers showcases a myriad of offers across Singapore. Join for top-notch promotions, unexplored gems, and tantalizing deals. For devoted food enthusiasts, this is your community. Join today!

(10) UglyFood Fresh Produce SG

Calling all proponents of sustainable living, this is tailored to you. UglyFood Fresh Produce strives to combat food wastage in Singapore by marketing surplus fresh produce sourced from suppliers like wet market stall owners. By joining, you're not only contributing to the environment, but you're also benefiting from lower prices compared to typical retail rates.

(11) SG Marketing & Social Media Tips

Up until now, I haven't come across any channel that provides as rich  collection of FREE marketing knowledge & tips as this one does. If you're a budding business owner delving into marketing, this group is tailor-made for newcomers and those already engaged in marketing, offering ample inspiration.

(12) Tech in SG

If tech is an essential part of your daily routine, this group is your ideal channel. Explore existing and new groundbreaking tech, some of which you might not even be aware of. From gaming and computers to household gadgets, you're in for a tech-treat you won't want to miss.

(13) SG Pets Group

The standout reason compelling me to join this group is its warm-heartedness, encouraging sharing about lost pets for reunions. Additionally, the group offers pet-related deals, ensuring you can pamper your furry companions without emptying your wallet.

Given our jam-packed schedules, finding time to hunt for the latest buzz in our Little Red Dot is challenging. Thankfully, this compilation of Telegram channels provides a solution. Stay in the loop with the freshest lifestyle, pets, tech, food, and home-living deals in Singapore.

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