$4.80+ Beer & Raw Oysters & BBQ Skewers at OBAR & Ah Boon Drinks Stall

Wednesday, July 01, 2020
With three different outlets and concepts, OBAR and Ah Boon Drinks Stall is a great chill out place that offers a variety of entertainment from live music to karaoke. They sell an extensive menu with Japanese, Western, Chinese and Local Cuisine, and the well known cuisine: Beer (Hahahaha)

I was invited to their Tradehub outlet previously and writing about the dishes that I've tried. One of my favorite is getting my cravings fixed for both raw oysters and beer in one single place.

There is something about their Laziji (Double-cooked Crispy Chicken) that is so alluring to sight and addictive to taste. The spiciness, the crispiness and the saltiness all in one dish to create a foodgasmic experience to be paired with beer is just perfect.

People who know me know I'm a seafood lover and I just can't live without prawns and they have Cheesy Prawns on their menu. I guess everyone knew what happened next. The creamy and earthy flavor of the cheese coupled with the oceanic sweetness of the prawns, creates a 3 layer dimensional taste. Not to forget the char-grilled smokey scent of the torched cheese to accompany every bite.

Another unforgettable dish is also their Salmon Mentai Don - wah, this one is really good. First, taste the rice with the salmon mentai, then after you finish the mentai you break the sunny side up yolk and continue eating it with rice. It is a nostalgic and comforting dish if you are like me because I like to eat runny yolk with rice!

Looking through their Facebook page, I also realized they sell an extensive range of food such as - Burgers (their patties are handmade), Mala Xiang Guo (for all the mala fanatics out there, Barbeque Assorted Skewers (perfect with beer), and even Dim Sum and Bubble Tea! Is there anything this place doesn't sell?! 😂

Keep a lookout for their drinks promotion! It's something nobody want to miss after months of not be being able to catch up with your friends (but remember to be safe & wear a mask at all times!)

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