5 Reasons Why You Should Travel to Maldives in 2017

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Travelling is such an amazing thing that inspires you and widen your perspectives. I went to Maldives expecting to be stuck on a boring island with no wifi & having nothing to do all day. But Maldives proved me so wrong that I didn't want to leave. So here I am, trying to share the exciting moments during my 5D4N stay for those who thought Maldives was nothing but just a few islands.

1. Instagram-worthy Photos
Other than waking up with a beautiful view, every single photo that you take on Maldives feels like an exact picture from a travel magazine. I was on a yachet with my buddy camera (Olympus E-PL7) when all of a sudden I had this gut feeling to shoot at the sky. An unbeliaveable gorgeous photo of the sunset appeared & I never thought that my camera would be able to capture such a scenery. Mother Nature is simply a beautiful thing.

2. Get in a better body shape
With tons of water activities such as kayaking, diving and snorkelling, there is no better perks of excerising and getting to explore unique rainbow-colored or huge fishes in the vast blue sea. You will even forget that you are burning calories! Hotels & resorts do offer group excursions for their guests, so all you have to do is to sign up via the notice boards.

3. Watch a dolphin show & go island-hopping
These cheeky little dolphins sure know how to please a crowd. I saw numerous dolphins popping out of the water playfully and jumping back in again with huge splashes.  Unlike other countries, Maldives only offers boat excurision to view the dolphins and does not allow tourists to swim with them. If the dolphins swim along side the boat or leap out of the water it is because they want to - not because they have been trained. Somehow, I feel more joy watching them this way, knowing that they are free and not kept in glass tanks in aquariums and such.

Maafushi, ­Guraidhoo, and Gulhi are well-known tourists islands to visit here as it is easily accessible from the airport. Most of the time I stayed on Maafushi, the largest of the three islands before hopping to the nearby island: Gulhi. I explored how the locals lived in frugal and eco-friendly ways, using firewood for fire and water tanks to store water. Compared to city life in Singapore, time here passes by slowly and peacefully, with no rush nor pressure.

4. Catch your own dinner (& feel proud about it)
You get to experience the hardship of getting food on the table because fishing requires tons of patience and skills! It's an exciting activity because you never know what you might catch. Well, it can be kind of embarrassing as well. There were so many moments when I yelled excitedly thinking I caught a fish, only to realized that my fishing line had caught on corals... and once even on the side of the boat.

Traveling in groups will help to minimize the cost of renting the boat to fish, so the more people there are, the less the cost will be for each individual. The locals will also cook your fish for you for free if you know them well -winky face-.

5. Experience luxury traveling & party on a Princess Boat

Maldives Princess is a 147-feet liveaboard traversing the crystalline waters of the Maldives. A night on board will cost $350USD, including breakfast, lunch dinner buffets. The spacious sundeck has a Jacuzzi for guests to relax and chill out, as well as a karaoke room, a restaurant, a bar, LCD TV, video, DVD, HIFI, Internet, rechargeable battery station for cameras and other personal gadgets.

If you are traveling on a budget like I did, you can still enjoy the boat & get some beer or whiskey here, as alcohol on Maafushi island is prohibited. If you are lucky, you can even connect the speakers to your phone and play your favorite pop songs!

If you would like to know more about where to stay in Maldives, I will be posting about the hotel I stayed in next week. Till next time, stay awesome.

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