The Best Beauty Centre Lips Embroidery - Should You Do It?

Sunday, April 16, 2017
It has been weeks since I have done my lips embroidery & it is finally time to reveal the results! I would be sharing my first hand honest experience, plus answering some questions you might have about lips embroidery.

First of all, lips embroidery is a procedure you undergo to achieve a look like you have SEMI PERMANENT lip stick. It is getting more common in Singapore, as perspectives have changed from it being only for "aunties or ahma", to a more modern mindset of having natural beauty and a great solution in our fast paced lifestyles.

If you're the type that have no time to apply lipstick in the morning, semi permanent procedures are recommend. You would never have to worry about staining your teeth or reapplying your lipstick every few hours! :)

The reason why I went for lip embroidery is due to my pale bottom lip and dark upper lip. Not only did it caused much worries from people around me, (whom kept asking if I was unwell due to my pale lips), it also caused my self-confidence to go down. I couldn't feel good when I'm without my lipstick.

When The Best Beauty Centre invited me for a lip embroidery session (Fashion Mist Lips), I was over the moon. I could finally say goodbye to my ugly discolored lips! With 5 outlets all over Singapore (Orchard, Toa Payoh, Sembawang, Tampines) getting my lips done was really convenient!

Firstly, the numbing cream is applied. Surprisingly, the procedure was 90% painless, except some where near my top lips near the nose where it is more sensitive. I couldn't feel anything thanks to the numbing cream, which was applied twice & for roughly 40 minutes because I told them I was afraid of pain. Super thoughtful of them!

Secondly, before they start, a mouth guard will be placed to protect the color from getting stained onto your teeth. I looked pretty knocked out here, LOL but I'm just having a snooze while waiting for the numbing cream to take effect.

Lastly, after drawing your lips with a lip pencil, they will use something that sound a vibrating pen and apply the color onto your lips. Do not worry, although it looks extremely red in the photo, it will fade to a light pink color.

This is how my lips looked like right after the session ended.

This is how my lips looked like 3 days later. It is still in the healing process.

How my lips look like after 2 weeks after the session w/o any lips makeup! :)

My verdict: I LOVE IT. The color is extremely natural and nobody could tell I had lip embroidery done at all. In fact, when I returned to work on the 2nd day with red lips, I only got comments of me having applied too much lipstick without anyone knowing that it's lips embroidery. Teehee! :)

And I'm really thankful that I never have to apply lipstick on normal days again, and it have boosted my confidence level greatly because I can finally be free in my naked/minimal makeup face! :)

(had to blur my lips in the above pictures as my lips was too red right after the session :X)

Thank you The Best Beauty Centre for changing my life! If you have pale/discolored lips, click here for their website & make a call for an appointment today! Other than lips embroidery, The Best Beauty Centre also specialize in other beauty treatments carried out by highly qualified, experienced beauticians.

If the eyes are the windows to your soul, then your eyebrows are the frame & your lips are the pretty curtains that you should pay attention to!

Common FAQ & Tips For Lips Embroidery

Qn: Is lip embroidery procedure painful?
Ans: My experience with lip embroidery is not painful as numbing cream was applied and for longer period of time. Choose a reputable shop that gives you proper amount of numbing cream (not cut back on them to save cost) if you are more sensitive to pain.

Qn: How long does lip embroidery last?
Ans: It lasts about 3-5 years depending on individuals as everyone lips are different.

Qn: How much is the lip embroidery?
Ans: Please contact The Best Beauty Centre. If you would like to visit the same outlet that I did in Sembawang Shopping Centre,  do call 6886 9515 to enquire.

Qn: What are the things that I need to take note of BEFORE doing lip embroidery?
Ans: Do take at least 3 days off from school/work as your lips will be slightly swollen on the first and second day. I went out to work on 2nd day when my lips was still slightly swollen and red, I had to wear a mask to not scare the daylights out of people, heh heh.

Qn: What are the things that I need to take note of AFTER doing lip embroidery?
Ans: Keep applying the cream that your beautician gave you as it will help to speed up the healing process. Stay away from hot (especially soups) & spicy food.

Feel free to leave me a comment/private message on my Facebook Page if you have any questions & I will add on to this list, it might help future readers travelling on their beauty journeys! :)

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