Luxurious Getaway below $500 - Malaysia Puteri Harbour Hotel Jen & Hello Kitty Land Part Two

Sunday, April 09, 2017
Welcome to PART TWO of Malaysia Puteri Harbour Hotel Jen & Hello Kitty Land blog post! Click here to read PART ONE of the blog post regarding Hello Kitty Land!

I'm going to show you 5 of the available dining options in Puteri Harbour for this blog post. You will never go hungry at Puteri Harbour. (literally, Hotel Jen has 24/7 room service for food, lol)

1. Hello Kitty Land, Little Red Bow Cafe

To be honest, the food here looks pretty meh (bland), so I did't try it. I took some photos with the price for you guys to reference though.

2. Hotel Jen, Harbour Cafe Breakfast Buffet
Firstly, if you booked a hotel room with Hotel Jen, do make sure that you opt for breakfast buffet option! Because the hotel is under Shangri-La group, it lives up to it's brand name. The variety of food is superb and it's quite delicious as well. I'll let the photos do the talking.

Love the set-up & decoration of this particular counter, it seems like I stepped into a kampong.

Cereal fans, indulge in the glory of the following photo C:

They have fresh smoothie flavor of the day and that day we had blueberry & it tasted FANTASTIC. They also have porridge with condiments like salted egg and peanuts so you can choose which one you want to have. From western types such as hashbrowns, hams, pastries, and authentic asian food such as nasi lemak, roti prata & laska, this place got your breakfast fully covered!

If you wish to have dinner buffets, do note that it's only available on Friday, Saturday & Sunday. If you wish to see more of what this buffet offers, let me know in the comments and I'll upload a full video of the range for morning breakfast in my Youtube channel!

3. DC Comics Super Heros Cafe
It's interesting to know that they have different ice cream flavor according to the super heros, but that's about it. I did't visit this cafe either but I took a photo of the menu to let you guys know the price and items available.

4. Spice Grill
I wished I visited this place on the first day of my visit, this was one of the best premium dining experience I ever had. Don't take my word for it, let the photos do the talking. Just look at their furniture! It's so posh, you'll even feel rich just by sitting on it LOL.

If you don't wish to have a drink outside, you can always choose to dine inside in the air-conditioned room to escape the mosquitoes.

Don't let this following photo fool you. This is one of best steaks Mr Pig have ever eaten. Ever since we return from the trip, he insisted I blog about it because it was soooooo good.

The staff service was exceptionally good, they even gave us a discount before we left! Thank you for that C: The waiter had the patience to slowly explain to us regarding the type of food available. (mind you, there's two menus :l) I managed to take a quick snap to show you the rough price range.

While you are there, don't forget to ask for the wine selection! They have a cellar with wide wine selection & even a bottle aged all the way back from 1985! The waiter was really kind to let me take a photo of it. C:

5. Hotel Jen, Skybar
Our meal here of 3 dishes + a glass of red wine only costed about 229RM in total, which is unbelievable because we would never get such quality food + breathtaking night view of the skybar in Singapore at this price LOL. Recommended for couples!

Stay tuned to my future blog post on my travelogues and let me know which country you would like me to write more about next!

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