Luxurious Getaway below $500 - Malaysia Puteri Harbour Hotel Jen & Hello Kitty Land Part One

Sunday, April 09, 2017
Have you ever wanted to enjoy a luxurious getaway below $500? You can if you know where to go! If you are a couple or a family looking for a quick holiday, I would recommend Puteri Harbour Hotel Jen! Just imagine waking up to this the next morning....

This post is NOT sponsored. I paid about 650RM (roughly $221SGD) for a package that includes:
-Free daily buffet breakfast for two person
-One Deluxe Room 33sqm size, en-suite bathroom with separate shower cubicle
-Free two one-day tickets to Sanrio Hello Kitty Town and The Little Big Club (per night's stay)

I'll be blogging about the breakfast buffet in a separate blog post, so scroll down for more about Hello Kitty Land!

If you are a couple, I hope you will be able to get couple-type rooms, cuz just so you know, there's a bathtub perfect for two person, Heheheh. *grins*

The service here is excellent. The request for extra towels & water was attended to swiftly. The only drawback was that the fridge & some of the lights weren't working, and they had to send a technician to fix the fridge. No complaints though, I can live without it.

The best part about staying in Hotel Jen is that Hello Kitty Town is just next door, like literally, it's the next building, and they are even CONNECTED, so you can just walk over.

Let's have a walk-through of Hello Kitty Land together!

First, you start with badge making. Thank goodness there wasn't much people when we visited, it was terribly awkward to see two grown-ups trying not to color outside the lines with markers LOL.

Next, in the Wishful Studio, we got to decorate Hello Kitty shaped butter cookies!

It was quite delicious though. We got an extra cookie to eat because Mr Pig broke his cookie. He pressed his chocolate chips down too hard while trying to create the Hello Kitty eyes LOL.

Can you spot our badges :D ?

Have you ever wondered how you would look like if you are Hello Kitty? Well, over here you get to dress up as Hello Kitty for photo opportunities! (although it looks more like a Hello Kitty sprouting out from your head actually)

When I read about Hello Kitty Land in other blog posts, they got to make Hello kitty coasters. But this time round, they change it into a 3D pop-up box card instead. Damn. I wanted to try making the coasters :C Nevermind, I had fun anyways.

Last but not least, we got to try the Hello Kitty in OZ -The Lost Chapter- game!

This place has plenty of photo opportunities, and remember you can only enter ONCE so please don't worry about the missions and take your time to take loads and loads of photos!

I love the decoration, it feels like I have stepped into a fairy tale storybook C:

Firstly, they gave each of us one Hello Kitty which allows us to scan at different places before we can proceed with the mini games/missions. Too bad we can't bring them home after the missions!

We had to pretend to chop wood in the game... lol

And finally, a photo to celebrate our victory in freeing Hello Kitty from the Land of OZ! C:

Ending off this blog post with a photo of me and Hello Kitty and her boyfriend hehehehehe!

Be sure to check out PART TWO: Malaysia Puteri Harbour Hotel Jen & Hello Kitty Land!

I will be posting more info & photos regarding Hello Kitty Cafe JB, DC Comics Cafe + Hotel Jen Sky Bar & their breakfast buffet range!

Remember to share & please leave me a comment, I would love to hear your views!

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