Get Slimmer Legs with Hot Stone Pedicure in just ONE session at Polished Hand+Foot Spa!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

I recently received an invitation to try their popular treatments that are only uniquely available in Singapore. They provide interesting treatments such as Hot Stone PedicureGua-sha Facial and even (Ear) Auricular Acupuncture targetted to give the best of both worlds – top level service and hygiene, all at a price which makes their customers feel as good as they look after they leave Polished.

I left a glowing review (just like my face after the facial, hahaha pun intended) on their Facebook because I could see instant results! Let me share more of experiences in details.

I tried the Hot Stone Pedicure first and I find it pretty amusing because my legs were wrapped until it looks like ba-zhangs (dumplings). Hahahaha. This was meant to help soften and moisturize my skin to prepare for the hot stone treatment later.

It continued with the usual exfoliating of the dead skin cells on the sole of the feet. My beautician used this tool that helped to get rid of my dead skin cells so effectively that I could finally feel the ground after it was done!

I highly recommend that everyone SHOULD do this on a monthly basis because my dead skins actually caused my feet to hurt from walking and standing for prolonged hours. I normally file my dead skins at home but doing it at Polished was SOOOOO much faster and more effective!

I also had my feet nails done & they gave me a gorgeous nude mauve color. Love it~!

The Hot Stone pedicure have quite a number of stones in different sizes meant for different areas, there were 2 round ones for the calf area and 4 smaller ones for the toes. They were boiling hot and had to be taken out to cool in the room temperature water a little before being used to massage my calf.

What happened next really surprised me. My beautician told me to wiggle and poke my calf with my fingers.

I didn't expect it but MY CALF FELT REALLY SOFT! Just like JELLY. It used to be so hard that I thought it was muscles that are impossible to get rid of. But now my calf muscles feel like a baby's fat tummy!

My muscles felt relaxed and relieved of tension and I highly recommend you to opt for Hot Stone pedicure if you are doing a pedicure at Polished!

Hot Stone Pedicure helps to reduce fatigue. encourages blood circulation and promotes overall health. It includes a foot soak, push, shape, cuticle, file, hot-stone massage (30mins) and polish, just $78 for First Time customers.

Moving on to another one of their specialty that Polished provides, the (Ear) Auricular Acupuncture from Dr Crystal! It helps stimulates acupuncture points on the external ear surface for the diagnoses and treatment of health conditions in other areas of the body.

It is stated that wearing these beautiful Swarovski (YES real Swarovski) crystals on your ears actually help to counter any health problems that you have! Polished beauticians had to get the Dr Crystal certificate & receive training for the correct spots to apply the Swarovski diamonds so rest assured, nothing bad will happen to you xD

I choose to create slimming effects on my left ear and something to counter my neck pain on my right ear. You can choose either white or blue diamonds or mixed, but it doesn't matter because it both looks extra pretty & shiny! Imagine looking gorgeous while healing your body!

This treatment is one of the best beauty invention brought over to Singapore & Polished is the one and only place in Singapore providing this treatment! They are currently having a promotion & it's only starting from $12!

Next up is Gua-Sha Facial, it helps to detoxify, increases blood circulation, reduces water retention, iron out fine lines and uplifts sagging skin for a more toned face.

I tried so hard to not fall asleep during the session because the massage on my face was so so so good & I could see my skin clearing up the next few days after the treatment.

What I really like about Polished is that you can get your facial, nails and even hair removal in one location and it is more worth it if you do more services because you can get more discounts.

The next thing I like is that the location isn't near town area and the pace here is slow and relaxing. If you have a Saturday/Sunday to spare, coming over here to pamper yourself and escape from the hustling of life is the perfect gift to yourself to recharge over the weekend.

Lastly, I like how the staffs aren't pushy and they are extremely friendly and very experienced in their work (they all have years of experience). Although I was approached after the facial, there was absolutely NO hard-selling involved. I left the place a super happy girl!

If you have managed to read this far, here's a little gift of appreciation from me & Polished!

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For more details & promotions, please head over to Polished Facebook page!

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