Chang Sensory Trails, a ‘green’ Thai food experience inspired by chef memories, is returning to Singapore!

Monday, July 10, 2017

With live music, interactive art, delicious food and refreshing drinks, Chang Sensory Trails is the perfect recipe for a memorable entertaining evening, one best enjoyed with friends. After a hugely successful turnout in London and San Francisco, Chang Sensory Trails makes the third stop on its global tour, returning to Singapore for the second year running!

This free-to-enter un-ticketed event was held on 7th & 8th July in Singapore and aims to deliver ‘the unexpected’ by introducing the world to a modern, refreshing take on Thai food, art, and music. My favorite highlight was the POP ILLUSION photo booth that creates 3D photos in just one snap!

At Chang Sensory Trails, there is a story behind every bite. Curated by Chef Bo and Chef Dylan, the duo is eager to share with visitors a unique culinary journey inspired by their fondest

Singapore’s finest Thai restaurants have teamed up with Bo and Dylan, offering up their own tantalizing selection of dishes, as inspired by the chef couple’s memories. With no shortage of fresh and bold flavors, Chang Sensory Trails have offered up a stellar lineup of food that’s simply unmissable! Here are some of the must-try dishes that I have personally tried & tasted:

Store Name: Fishing For Love by Talay Thai
Dish Name: Crying Tiger
Grilled Australian Beef served with romaine leaves, potato fries, and sweet jaew sauce - $8

Store Name: Fishing For Love by Talay Thai
Dish Name: Tom Yum Lobster Bisque 
Spicy lobster broth with skewered lobster and kaffir lime leaves - $6

Store Name: Sustaining The Seas & Our Bellies by Patara Fine Thai Cuisine
Dish Name: Golden Fried Prawns
Spice-marinated prawns fried till golden brown, wrapped in crispy filo pastry - $5

Store Name: Taking Centre Stage by Gin Khao
Dish Name: Signature Watermelon Fried Rice
(left side) Didn't manage to try this due to the long queue, but it looks fantastic! - $13

Not confined to just fantastic tastes and smells, Chang Sensory Trails will promise to be a feast
for all the senses. Event goers will get to groove to funk, soul, indie, and electro, with musical
performances from the likes of O.K Ready, Astronauts and The Good Life Project.

There was also a spot for visitors to explore and scale the “Herb Hill”, an aromatic art installation built on the foundations of Thai cooking – its iconic ingredients. (on bottom right)

Other than good food, good entertainment, you can't forget the drinks that make or break a party!

First introduced in Thailand in 1995 (omg the year I was born!), Chang Beer captured over 50% of the Thai market within three years. It is a well-balanced and full-bodied lager with a complex aroma and a crisp, smooth and incredibly refreshing taste.

Chang uses deep-well water to achieve the perfect mineral composition to brew its lager, with water so pure that it is also bottled and sold in Thailand as mineral water. In synonymous with the taste of Thailand for many of its international fans, Chang is also well-known as the long-term sponsor of Everton Football Club.

It was such a fun-filled event to see people clapping & dancing along to the music, feasting on the culinary adventure of Thai delicacies made affordable and possible thanks to Chang Beer and renowned chef couple: Chef ‘Bo’ Songvisava and Chef Dylan Jones.

Sam & I truly enjoyed our time at Chang Sensory Trails so much, we didn't leave till it was nightfall! There were tons of people queueing outside trying to get in so I felt that this event was really popular! I will definitely go for this event again next time it comes back so stay tuned to my blog & I might just give away some cash vouchers! -wink-wink-

To make the date even sweeter, we had such great luck & witnessed a beautiful rainbow, fireworks by NDP rehearsal, and a scenic background of the Marina Bay office buildings & Marina Bay Sands Hotel!

Thank you once again to Ms Melody from Phish Communications for the kind invitation to Chang Sensory Trails & Congratulations to Chang Beer for hosting such a successful event!

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