Enjoy a Magical Christmas with Instagram-worthy Unicorn Desserts from Gecory Cafe!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017
What look beautiful, taste delicious & is carefully homemade? Desserts from Gecory Cafe!

Started in 2014, this hidden gem is located just 3 minutes away from Clementi MRT, and offer customers authentic Italian gelato, honest coffee and premium selection of cakes.

Thanks to the EDC invitation, I was in for a sweet treat with bloggers Irene & Isabelle!

When I first saw the unicorn theme desserts I was overwhelmed with happiness because they look soooooooo adorable with the pastel colored swirl patterns, gold dusted horns, flirty eyelashes and amazingly detailed tiny ears! But that wasn't all to the surprise...

The Twinkle Lovers (Unicorn Cupcakes) are soft, tasty & filled with a satisfying amount of blueberries! The knife sliced through easily and the insides of the cupcakes is moist and not dry at all! (Is this how a magical cupcakes taste like?)

On the other hand, the Dazzling Unicorn Cake texture was firm, coated with white icing that was not overwhelmingly sweet, layered by a tart-like biscuit, followed by a beautiful gradient sponge cake. The overall blend was well-balanced, and this is coming from someone that doesn't like to eat icing! (I always scrap the icing off when I eat cake but I think this is defintely worth the calories)

Ever wanted GUILT-FREE indulgence for desserts? The  Rainbow Unicorn Ice Cream is THE ANSWER to everyone with sweet tooth cravings! Made out of yogurt gelato & sprinkled with rainbow flakes, this healthy treat will keep your digestive system (and waistline) in check while you enjoy a sweet treat.

Don't miss their limited edition Christmas specials: Lemon Meringue Wreath and Hearty Tart, together with this special promotion that ends on 31st December!  (scroll down for promo)

Simply flash this blog post & get FREE delivery with any purchase above $50 for unicorn/galaxy/ice cream or party cupcakes! For more information, do visit https://www.facebook.com/Gecorycafe!

Don't worry about bursting your budget because value sets priced affordably from Gregory Cafe are the icing on the cakes! -pun intended-

If you like enjoying a nice, quiet morning/afternoon with a cup of coffee, and you can't stop the train of thoughts, it's time to unleash your creativity and doodle away your masterpiece! You get to stick it up proudly on this special corner in Gecory Cafe!

Take a moment to enjoy the beautiful painstakingly drawn art piece on the wall that features iconic places from all around the world with their cute mascot!

(Left to right) bloggers Irene, Isabelle & me! I enjoyed meeting them and the rest of EDC crew!

01-198, Blk 328, Clementi Avenue, (S) 120328
(Short 5 minutes walk from Clementi MRT Exit C)

Opening hours:
Monday-Friday 12-10pm
Sat 10:30am-10:30pm
Sun 10:30am -10:00pm

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