$168 Mucota Infinia Treatment for all hair lengths at Focus Hairdressing

Monday, August 12, 2019
Since young, I love growing my hair out and having long beautiful hair because it represents femininity to me.

Thanks to my lazy personality, I often bun up my hair in a towel after showering and didn't bother to blow dry my hair properly. Other than daily conditioner or sometimes applying some leave on serum, I don't do any other mask or treatment on a bi-annual basis. Thus I ended up with a rather frizzy untamed mane.

I know it's hard to believe, but the following photos reflects the 100% bad state my hair was in before I did the treatment. It was TERRIBLE.

I wish I did this treatment sooner, because Mucota have proven to me again and again amazing it is! I was invited to try out Focus Hair Dressing latest treatment called Mucota Infinia located at Cuppage Plaza last week, and I can't wait to share them with you guys.

When I first stepped into the salon, it didn't stand out as a luxurious salon concept. But rather, it felt familiar, like a neighbor salon that I frequent when I was a little kid. It gave me feelings of nostalgia.

Speaking to the owner, Marcus, I learnt that the salon have been there for many years. It was no wonder. I felt at home straight away.

So why should you choose Focus Hair Dressing for your hair treatment?

They only use best quality products for your hair. Focus Hair Dressing is one out of the few selected salons in Singapore that carry the Mucota Infinia treatment. It is a treatment that provides a shortcut to the many steps of hair treatment, which saves you time and money.

Best for treating frizzy hair, Infinia hair treatment deeply moisturizes hair and repairs hair cuticle layers. You can see results in just one treatment!

But hey, you can do DIY hair treatment at home right? WRONG.

Other than applying the treatment evenly (this is quite tough to DIY ), you also need a steamer to ensure your hair absorb the treatment cream.

But Focus is even better than that. You no longer have to sit at a chair under a steaming hot bubble for 20 minutes. Focus Hair Dressing uses a machine that helps to ensure the treatment is absorbed into your hair at a god-like speed. It gives mist so fine that it penetrates into your hair easily, and the mist is cold instead of hot. Watch the machine in action above!

Within an hour, my hair have transformed into something I felt like was from a hair commercial. I kid you not. It wasn't even like rebonding although it looks like it. (I did my first rebonding when I was like 14 - 15 years old mind you, my hair didn't feel as smooth or as light as it did)

Over the next few days, combing my hair was such a breeze. I didn't have to battle with my hair in the morning and it felt awesome to start the day with great hair. I feel so proud of my hair. Every time I walk down the streets, my hair feels like an accessory I wore as it dances in the wind.

What I love about Focus is that their hair stylists truly care about their customers. During my time there, I experienced such great service from Jazson! I was starving because I missed breakfast and he offered me some tibits to munch on.

Jazon was gentle to my hair throughout the entire session (no accidental pulling whatsoever) and gave a great hair massage while washing my hair. He was engaging when I wanted to make small talk and gave me space when I was tired of talking. What a great experience!

And yes, their prices are crazily competitive. For the month of august, Mucota Infinia Treatment is only $168 including haircut for ALL hair lengths! That is such a great deal! Here's something even better:

Quote "Jazon" or flash my blog post to receive 20% off your next appointment with them! There are also two salons to choose from, both conveniently located in the central of Singapore. Call 6836 6608(Cuppage Plaza) or 6538 3162 (Chinatown Point) to make an appointment today!

133 New Bridge Road #02-03 Chinatown Point Singapore 059413
(nearest MRT Chinatown)

Tel: 6538 3162

5 Koek Road #01-21/28 Cuppage Plaza Singapore 228796
(nearest MRT Somerset)

Tel: 6836 6608

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