15 Singaporean Bloggers To Follow This Year 2020

Monday, June 15, 2020

Brighten up your Covid-19 by reading something new and inspirational from the following Singaporean bloggers from the #InfluencersUnited community! There are lifestyle, beauty, parenting, travel and food articles to learn new tips or the next best place to order delivery from!

1. Irene https://sgfoodwanderers.blogspot.com / https://goods-wanderers.blogspot.com

Foodwanderers is a Photography Food blog based in Singapore, the blog features yummilicious local eateries and food recipes of her very own creation. On top of that, the food blog post is also linked to Goods-wanderers which shares Lifestyle tips, photography tips, and the Good Things in Singapore.

Qiqi, a mother of 4, founded missyqiqi.com and aims to inspire the modern family, especially young parents and mothers with confidence, health, fashion, parenting, career, and life tips.

Olivia Aka Ivia is a lifestyle, beauty blogger. She's considered adventurous as she will personally try everything before she do actual review of it keeping opinion authentic with her own style.

Isabelle mostly consider herself a lifestyle blogger and focus more on women's health since she have been diagnosed with endometriosis 10 years ago. She writes about fashion, beauty, travel, home & living and anything that improves the lives of modern women.

Tracy is a beauty and lifestyle blogger who has been writing publicly for the past 11 years. Her blog was a finalist in the Singapore Blog Awards 2015, and has been featured in other media too. Tracy has an adventurous spirit, and is active in fitness and dance. She also loves attending events, and has recently developed an interest in creating videos.

A lifestyle blogger who is a great fan of music and loves sharing interesting stuff and events that's happening in Singapore.  CK mainly covers on food and events, with some coverage on technology and beauty/wellness.

Jessie is a lifestyle blogger whom blogs mainly on food and beauty. Her blog is like a diary to her as she loves sharing ‘lobang’ and ‘ho kang’ to her friends and readers.

Since November 2010, Valerie Shu Qing writes a mix of personal, lifestyle, beauty, events, review and travel coverage on her blog.

Pooja Kawatra is the mom blogger behind Mums&Babies which is accoladed as one of the Top parenting blogs in Singapore as well as India. Her page is full of inspiration & family goals doing things together as a family.

A Civil Engineer in the day and lifestyle blogger at night, Mia mainly blogs about food and occasionally shares her travelogues and honest reviews on beauty services & products, and fitness related issue.

Kpo Kia Mama, aka CF Chai. She is a lifestyle blogger and mummy of an SG50 Preschooler. Her blog covers mainly events happening in Singapore, and reviews on food and products.

Joel food adventures is a food blog dedicated to showcase amazing food and discover hidden gems not only in Singapore but also around the world!

RainbowDiaries founded by Shub is proud to be among Top 20 Parenting and Lifestyle Bloggers of Singapore. Follow this blog for a slice of life take on Family and Womanhood.

The Hedgehog Knows is a Singapore-based website that mainly shares about food. If you are looking for recipes, food reviews, kitchen gadget reviews, food-related good deals, food travels etc, look no further. The recipes are in step-by-step pictorial format, so they are suitable for even beginner home chefs. Proud to be Singapore's only airfryer-centric resource too!

Pearly have been blogging since 2011. She believes that all woman are born unique and beautiful. Being a Beauty and Lifestyle blogger, with eczema, she writes about her experience dealing with it. She also shares her experience on food, and other life stories.

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