Marketing 101: Creating Your First Food Menu & Food Photography/Product Photography

Thursday, June 11, 2020
If you're starting out your own food business or just creating your first menu, good photos are important. Although you can rely on your handy smartphones or DSLR cameras to do product shoots or food shots for normal day to day social media, I would recommend hiring a professional photographer to help you out with the photos of your menu instead. My personal favorite and recommendation would be to Johna, whom worked with brands like Citrus By The Pool, The Garden Kitchen and Good Bites.

Photo from Johna Photography

The menu is the first thing that comes in contact with a customer that enters your shop. Without proper photos, it a defining factor whether a person choose to dine at your shop... or not

Photo from Johna Photography

Some very good reasons to why you should hire a professional photographer:
- they save you time by doing food styling for you
- they save you time by doing photo editing touch-ups for you
- they make your food look like it's popping out from a luxury magazine
- they ensure that each shot taken reflects the brand and look/feel you are looking out for
- they have more experience working with technical aspects of a camera and will be able to advise you on unforeseen problems you might encounter doing a shoot

Photo from Johna Photography

If you are running a e-commerce business or even business in property / furniture / electronic appliances and which to reach out to more people online, invest in someone whom can provide you with professional product photography services to ensure that your brand looks good and makes your potential customers want to find out more.

For food business, you can also choose to feature the chefs/cook/business owner. This is when corporate portrait photography comes in, to obtain shots like head shot photos half body shots which you can feature on the website or social media platforms.

Photo from Johna Photography

Till then, you can stay tuned to my blog more tips on marketing for food industry, or just marketing for your own personal branding! Remember to check out my blog for more Marketing 101!


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