Crayon Shin Chan Bao From Dim Sum Haus

Tuesday, June 02, 2020
Hey guys, I tried Dim Sum Haus sometime back last year and didn't have a chance to talk about it, so looking back at my past photos (lol covid gives more free time for everyone), I realized they do indeed deserve a space in my blog for their awesome dimsum! Featured by well know sites like Eatbook and popular food reviewer AhBengFoodie, this place is another must-try if you have already visited the famous Swee Choon dimsum place.

The moment when you get to enjoy your favorite black sesame paste and favorite cartoon in one tiny looking bun is simply mind-blowing for me. Imagine me squealing when I discovered that there are adorable Shin Chan designs printed on dimsum! But the real surprise actually came with the delicious black sesame sauce flowing out that pairs perfectly with the bun. Lastly but not least, I think the prices are damn worth it too - $5.35 for 3 different designs and triple the thrill!

Photo Credits: AhBengFoodie

I also tried some of their other dimsum such as Salted Egg Custard (Liu Sha Bao) which is too big for me to eat in 1 bite. I remembered biting onto it and the liu sha just flowed out like nobody business and my whole hands was covered in custard. But hey, I'm not complaining! The custard coated the bun fully and the ratio was perfect and I felt really happy & contended while chewing with my custard covered hands.

                                                          Photo Credits: AhBengFoodie

Speaking of prices, I realized that Dim Sum Haus sells dimsum at super competitive prices because their quality is really up there. If you would like to order and get it delivered to your home, check out their latest promotions here. But of course, all food is best eaten piping hot, so I would recommend you to visit if you like to have catch-up session when we enter into Phase 3 of Covid-19. Can yum cha and enjoy the dim sum over some chit chat. Can't wait for the virus and the measures to be over soon!

Dim Sum Haus
57, Jalan Besar Singapore 208809

Opening Hours
9 am - 3pm, 5pm - 9pm daily

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