Top KOL Engagement / Best Influencer & Social Media Marketing Agencies In Singapore (from a content creator POV!)

Thursday, November 17, 2022

Starting out as a content creator looking for brands to collaborate will be a difficult journey. You get questions like (Who should I reach out to? Which brands are keen to collaborate etc.) My journey wasn't easy when I first started out, hence, I collated a list of resources of media agencies, freelancers and support group to help content creators who are starting out their journey get an easier head start.

If you find this useful, please share it with your fellow content creators to get them to help them out. As a marketing executive myself, I am always looking for content creators to partner and collaborate with. So, go ahead and start scrolling & clicking away below! Let the forms filling begin. 

1. BLOOMR (Under Mediacorp)

Bloomr.SG is composed of Bloomr.SG Creators, Bloomr.SG Social and Bloomr.SG MCN. They strive to get brands and a pool of young talents to swipe right at each other and achieve win-win through purposeful marketing solutions.

Bloomr.SG MCN is the 1st and only Singaporean official YouTube Multi-Channel Network (MCN) affiliate, or YouTube Certified service provider that aligns with various Youtube content creators on audience development, content programming, creator collaborations, digital rights management, monetization, and / or sales. If you are currently not signed to a MCN and are interested to join them, contact them here

Click here to view my experience joining them! First, they will have a call for applications once their programme is ready to begin. If you wish to get notified first, you can follow them on their Instagram & keep a lookout. You have to go through an interview & if successfully selected, you'll join sessions of classes / workshops / networking gatherings with other budding creators! 

2. SG FAVES / x10Media

An agency that launched 800+ campaigns & counting. They also won Influencer Agency of the Year award and also have Malaysia @msiafavesofficial and Indonesia offices! @idfavesofficial. You can sign up to be a creator with them here.

The brands that I have worked with them on: Circles.Life, iFFACLON, Circles.Life (The Weird Challenge), Ultimate Supplement, Nutrition Kitchen

3. Luna_Chromesg

A freelance hyper-targeted Copywriter for business, brands & more. She writes for websites, ads, SEO, social media, blogs, apps, marketplace listings (and more). Collaborated brands: Yan's Bird Nest, Rebalance, D.Lashie

4. Lao Niang Agency

Lao Niang Agency is an influencer marketing agency with over 160 nano & micro influencers/creators. They are working with more than 200 over local business and with many established brands such as Kleanhaus, Bells Studio, Spring Court & ShaoBBQ. Collaborated brands: Lau Wang Claypot, Fire Rice Peng Xiang, OBar, Miska and Arteastiq.

5. Scale Micro Influencers 
They are a matchmaking agency to help brands to spread their products and services with real relevant influencers, at a sustainable, affordable model. For influencers, they will help content creators get to try more products and services with their best interests and alignment on sponsors. I have worked with them for these brands: Tioli, Pilcrow

6. Partipost
Partipost is a crowd marketing platform that connects brands with genuine profiles. You can download their app & sign up for campaigns through their Partipost app. Collaborated brands: Jinro Soju, Kopitiam and Cart app

7. Lab.Lemons
Lab Lemons help to bridge the gap between brands/agencies and influencers to help improve brand awareness, increase traffic and drive messages to brands' target audience. It is with this collaboration between brand and creators that allows businesses to expand their reach across their buyer personas. They work with established brands such as Moomoo, DBS & Subway.

8. Kobe
Kobe (口碑) kō-bē is an award-winning AI Influencer Marketing Company based in Singapore that links companies and agencies with the best-suited celebrities, social media influencers, and content creators. You can sign up to be a part of them here.

9. ConvoSG / 1004 Label
ConvoSG By 1004 Label. They have more than 1,200 affliated influencers ranging from Tik-Tok, Instagram and Little Red Book (Xiao Hong Shu). They actively post their campaign on their telegram channel here.

10. The Flux Media / InfluencerSG.Com
Founded by Dennis Toh in 2012, The Influencer Network is an integrated influencer Marketing and Media Network that connects brands to a diverse and engaged audience through the power of social influencers & digital spaces. You can sign up to be a part of them here.

11. Attain Media SG
A new agency that focuses on user generated content. They are also currently looking for creators, if you are keen to join, you can sign up here.

12. IdeaWork
Ideawork was established in the early 2020s and has experienced drastic growth over the past few months. With extensive industry experience, they have assisted many company to shine bright on various platforms ensuring their brand and motive are being recognized. They worked with brands such as Optic Point, Glaskin, greendrum.

13. Protegie Group
Protegie is one of the leading full-service marketing consultancy firms in Singapore that specializes in the F&B industry. They serve some of the leading brands in the world such as PARCO, AppleBee's, The Alley, Ramen Nagi, and Dumplings.Ru. ​ Through effective campaigns, they have helped enhance the digital presence and social reputation of over 100 brands.

Special mentions: 
For whatapps content creator support group: dm @foodwanderers
For marketing & social media tips updates on telegram:
For telegram engagement group: dm @janicefion

If you have any recommendations to add to the list, feel free to reach out to me. Let's keep this list updated to help brands, marketers & content creator scene in Singapore thrive!

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