1-FOR-1 + NEW ATTRACTIONS at Wild Wild Wet Downtown East Singapore not to be missed!

Tuesday, June 06, 2017
It is time to revisit that nostalgic Wild Wild Wet experience that you had from childhood because this time, Wild Wild Wet have grown BIGGER & BETTER with three new rides and 1 for 1 promotion coming your way!

Wild Wild Wet @ Downtown East recently completed it's expansion to double its original size. Now spanning 4 hectares, it is also home to two newest attractions, Royal Flush and Torpedo Water Slide. The Woosh was also added recently as an exclusive limited time only attraction.

1. Royal Flush 
Royal Flush is Asia’s first hybrid ride combining the Behemoth BOWL40 and TornadoWAVE – effectively combining two rides into one unique experience. It is Wild Wild Wet’s new key attraction that was opened in March 2017.

2. Torpedo Water Slide
If you have seen those Facebook videos with the videographer standing on a platform and the platform opens up and they drop into the water and start to zoom through the ride at high speed, that's what Torpedo Water Slide is all about. 

Torpedo Water Slide is Singapore’s first near-vertical full-body drop at up to 55km/hour stands at a whopping six stories high. It is not advised for the faint-hearted but if you are a thrill seeker & you crave challenges, THIS IS THE RIDE FOR YOU. This will make you rethink about any water rides being boring because the first time I tried this, my heart stopped for a few seconds.

The ride only lasts 10 seconds but that 10 seconds was worth every second of climbing up the stairs!

If you are looking for something less heart-stopping, or you are a scaredy cat, fret not because you still have some awesome choices to choose from!

3. The Woosh
Exclusive only in the month of June and July, The Woosh is Singapore’s longest inflatable freestyle water slide, where guests can slide down the entire length of 50m from a height of 4.5m in almost any way possible.

The dual lanes also mean that guests can challenge each other and compete to see who can slide further along the slide. #challengeaccepted (I'm heavier, I'll definitely slide down first & further LOL) This is a fun slide that is perfect for both kids and adults (especially those that are young at heart!)

4. Slide Up
Although it is not a new ride, I highly recommend this (especially if your partner/friend/family member is slightly chubby) because the heavier you are, the faster and higher you'll slide up!

5. The Usual Water Park Stuffs + Perfect Instagram Photos!

If you are visiting with your family to have some family bonding time together, you can chill at the lazy river, do some cardio exercise at the wave pool, or rent UNICORN & FLAMINGO giant floats for that perfect Instagram photo! (Rental at $6/for a full day)! Photo credits to @xchubbykitty

I'm excited to reveal the new upgraded map of Wild Wild Wet! Click here for clearer PDF version.

To celebrate the completion of the expansion of Wild Wild Wet to double its original size, Downtown East is bringing an overload of fun to the public with a...


Members of the public just need to come dressed identically with a friend to enjoy 1 for 1 on four key offerings at Downtown East – Wild Wild Wet, D’Resort, Orchid Bowl and eXplorerkid.

Simply snap a wefie anywhere with your twinning buddy or family in identical outfits, upload it onto Instagram and hashtag #SeeingDoubleSG to win a 2D1N staycation package at D’Resort & many more!

Both campaigns run from 4 June to 31 July 2017.  For more information about the Seeing Double promotion, kindly visit here. You can also follow them on Facebook for future promotions!

To kick start the Seeing Double campaign, Downtown East have invited everyone to join in an attempt to set the Singapore Book of Records for the ‘Largest Gathering of Dress Alike Duos’ on 4 June. Mr Pig & I went there dressing up in our identical Everlast workout tank tops (never thought we would ever wear them because Mr Pig doesn't dig couple-couple stuff)

We have officially set a record for the Singapore Book of Records of 111 duos who dressed identically! Congratulations to everyone and pats myself on the back for making history!

Side track here but I am going to post some food photos because the food provided to the media was seriously good and the table set up was nothing but GORGEOUS! I found out that it was done by RASEL CATERING SINGAPORE, and this is a non-sponsored opinion (lol). They did a great job!

Look at how every single photo feels like it was a food magazine shoot. I'm hungry by just looking at it.

Thank you Sample Store & Downtown East for the invitation & making the event a successful one!

Thank you to the kind sponsors that saved us from getting cooked by the sun and be squeaky clean after our showers! I would love to be back to Wild Wild Wet again soon & it's one heck of an awesome ride! (pun intended).

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