Cathy Doll NUDE ME Eyeshadow $22.90 VS $83 Eyeshadow Palette - Which is better?

Friday, June 02, 2017

Ladies, if you have been spending all your moolah on that makeup and you have a great hole in your pocket, it's time to CHANGE your decisions because this new Cathy Doll Nude Me Eyeshadow will CHANGE your life. I will be reviewing this product together with a similar eyeshadow product that I have, and compare the differences between a $22.90 and $83 palette. Let's get started!

My first impression of Cathy Doll Nude Me Eyeshadow is that it is made of plastic, unlike UD palette which is made of metal, hence it feels much lighter and easier to bring around. The shades are so so so so so similar to UD Palette. For ladies that have 0% knowledge about makeup, you are in luck because -BAM- there's the instructions on which shades to use right at the back. (Thank you for considerate packaging). 

Instead of brushes like the UD palette, the Cathy Doll Nude Me Eyeshadow applicator is made up of sponge tips. The sponge is made up of good quality (quite dense) & doesn't seem like those cheap ones that come like 6 in one packet (use and throw) types.

When I opened up the palette, I was quite surprised at the lack of a mirror. (Where's the mirror?!) But I decided that since your foundation comes with a mirror (definitely), you can use your foundation mirror to apply your eyeshadow palette when you're outside on-the-go. Slight inconvenience caused, but hey, every girl has a mirror in their bag at all times. (You could even use your phone.)

It comes in 3 gorgeous palettes themes ( #1 Nude, #2 Smoky and #3 Pink Champagne ) in which contain a mixture of matte, satin and shimmer shadows. It makes me feel like a Pokemon trainer because my first thought was "I want to collect them all!" (hahaha) Unfortunately, I could only lay my hands on two palettes, so I am going to try the Smoky palette for this blog post.

Checking on the pigments on quality, I find it pretty good considering the price. I feel that my camera doesn't do justice to it, so you guys could only try it out at BHG department store (ALT section Level 1) in Bugis when these palettes will officially launch around mid-June. I created a gold-bronze look (refer to most top pic) and I think it does help in creating an Instagram-worthy look!

Last but not least, the final challenge: Will Cathy Doll NUDE ME Eyeshadow $22.90 win a $83 Eyeshadow Palette (you all know what brand the $83 eyeshadow palette is, hahaha)

Pretty good right! I was suprised at the results as well. Personally, I think that if you are the type that would never finish your eyeshadow palettes (I'm guilty), but yet you still want to have many different colors to wear every day, Cathy Doll Nude Me Eyeshadow is perfect! Just imagine, for $68.70, you will get 36 colors to play with, and that's not even enough for you to buy one of those $83 palette!

There are mix reactions from my friends when they first saw the palettes, some immediately asked how much it is, while some say they did not like the packaging. What do you think? Will you be interested in purchasing them? 

Cathy Doll Nude Me Eyeshadow will be available at BHG department store (ALT section Level 1) in Bugis around mid-June. They will also be available on Lazada, Shopee & Karmarts Website.

To get first-hand information when it officially launches, you can LIKE their Facebook page. Thank you for reading & if you like my blog post please do SHARE it!

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