Why you should try Algana Argan Oil Mucota treatment by Chambers Hair Salon

Sunday, November 04, 2018
Your hair and face is the first thing people notice when they look at you, so invest and take good care of it. If you have frizzy/damaged hair and have difficulty styling it, read on to find out my discovery to a solution!

I was introduced to a new treatment from Japan, called the Algana+,  by Kris from Chambers Hair Salon recently. At first, I was quite curious because I have long heard of Mucota, but I have never heard of Algana+ Argan Oil Treatment.

What is Algana+?
Algana+ by Mucota is revolutionary hair conditioning treatment that repairs and enhances hair while perming/straightening. The triple acting formula moisturizes, softens and repairs at the same time, resulting in a natural-looking straight or permed hair that is shiny, smooth and soft to the touch.

Let's get started~!

Here is the before/after result of the treatment! My hair does feels softer and looks smoother with a healthy shine. You will be glad to know that this Algana+ treatment is 100% safe, does not contain harsh chemicals and is less damaging than other type of salon treatments! My frizzy hair looks tame from the picture! 

I am super impressed with the results and being someone with thin colored hair, I am happy to know that there is a treatment that allows you to enjoy the hairstyle you like (straight/curls) while protecting your hair! Just by looking at Kris (hairstylist's) hair, you would know that your hair will be in her safe hands. -pun intended haha-

Overall, I would recommend you to try this at least once in your life if you are exploring hair treatment. This treatment lasts up to 6 months, so do work out your budget if you wish to do this long term as it cost around $300+ per treatment.

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