5 bakeries to buy your pet furbabies a birthday cake - including mooncakes!

Thursday, August 27, 2020

An expansion of Ah B Cafe, BossiPaws is a pet bakery and boutique that provides mooncakes, birthday cakes and many others handmade goodies for your little prince & princess. They specialized in customization of cakes that resemblances your pet, meticulously pipping each and every detail into the cake.

Check out their latest launch - a colorful series of pork broth made with no preservatives or MSG to ensure only the best for your pets. Their pork broth include ingredients like beetroot, pumpkin, sweet potato, broccoli.. and carrots that comes with many health benefits. They make their bone broth by simmering raw bones at low heat over long hours, to create a nutrient-dense liquid stock that is packed full of amino acids, vitamins and minerals. The original pork broth is going from $2.80 (100g per pack) and their 3D cakes are around $98 per cake.

Wholesome Paws is an artisan Pet Kitchen & Bakery that creates healthy, natural yet drool-licious treats and gourmet meals for their pets and yours. They provide wholesome (haha) services & products as well - ranging from a huge selection of pet treats, cakes, broths, supplements and raw cooked meals! 

It doesn't end there. They also provide a full range of services to beautifying your dog - from pet grooming services and dog shampoo, grooming cologne (huh?), conditioner and essential balm for your dog nose and paw. Last but not least, they also provide my favourite - pawty (party) service to throw your beloved special little one a pawty they will never forget! You can invite up to 15 dogs and 25 human friends and prices are estimated around $80/hour for weekdays and $90/hour for weekends.

Knibbles is the brainchild of two budding Singaporeans inspired by their late adopted furkid. ​They provide healthy and artisanal pet treat alternatives, and to help furkids in need - they run fundraisers bimonthly, where part of the proceeds are then donated to help regulate food rations at selective animal shelters. 

Their products are never mass produced or automated and only made fresh upon order confirmation. it goes through a strict process of ozone-cleansing and air drying to ensure all pathogens such as Salmonella and E.coli are destroyed, so you can buy with confidence.

Be warned, it is not for the faint-hearted. Customers will chance upon images of rabbit paws, frogs legs, beef tongues, beef lungs, duck foot and pig ears while looking at their products.

The Barkery produces delicious and nutritious biscuits and meatloaves for your beloved canine companions. Their products are made from premium all-natural and human-grade ingredients, with absolutely no artificial preservatives or additives. Each ingredient has been screened to ensure that each mouthful will be beneficial to your pet's health and absolutely tantalizing at the same time. 

All their biscuits are sealed to ensure that they are as fresh as they day they were baked, and cakes are prepared fresh with every order! The Barkery also caters for canine birthday parties, and they love to create a personalized Barkday Cake for your dog's birthday should you have any custom requests. 

If you would like to enjoy more barks for your buck, check out their promotional bundles where you can save more by buying the treats in bundles of 3. They change their promotion monthly, hence you can check back regularly to see what is available every month.

The Snoring Dog is a gourmet dog bakery and dog food home delivery bistro. They started this dog bakery as we wanted truly preservative free, human grade food for our own dogs and cats. Being certified in canine and feline nutrition from an accredited animal college in the UK, the founders ensure that their cakes and meals are made in balanced proportions of protein:veg:carb ratios of home cooked diets- and also customization to cater to dog allergies. (wow!)

Treats are made with due consideration to the entire process to ensure worm free, bacteria free, preservative free treats with a wide range of high grade meats that only gourmet butchers will sell. 

Their signature cake (The Red Carpet Dog) is a moist delicious people gluten free carrot cake recipe that The Duke has improved with dog friendly ingredients! It's actually a much healthier version! No butter, no sugar and coloured with beet root topped with cream cheese yogurt frosting.

If you have any more additional home bakeries to support, feel free to drop me an email to list yourself here!

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