New hidden gem in Hougang: Overly Cheezy Pizza

Thursday, September 03, 2020

Move aside big pizza brands, there's a new kid in town and they serve fresh, delicious pizzas!

I heard of Overly Cheezy because I received a pizza flyer recently - and what caught my eye was the circular shape and the temptation of pizzas in well-taken details. Overly Cheezy opened its first outlet located in the heartlands of Hougang in April 2020, and is the first pizzeria in Singapore to use five different cheeses on every pizza. It consists of Gruyere cheese, (mostly used in high end restaurants), mozzarella, emmental, cheddar orange and parmesan. The distinctiveness of each cheese mixes into a flavour that makes all cheese lovers go "OMG!"

I got in contact with the founder and heard that he spent months of perfecting the recipe by collaborating with top chefs from Japan, Italy, France and Singapore. The results - a fusion of Japanese, Italian and French with a local twist – a shiokness perfect for the Singapore taste buds. Their bestselling flavours: Trufflicious Hawaiian and Trufflicious Wild Mushrooms are the popular favourites and die die must try pizzas you must try! 

And the interesting part doesn't just stop there - they invented two unique pizza crusts to accompany the unique flavours – the Creamy Tomato and the Milky Avocado Crust. Infused with milk and tomato, or milk and avocado, the flavours sit atop the creamy and milky pizza base that is bursting with flavour. They also invented a new crust called Pâte Feuilletée, which is a flaky light puff pastry made by alternating layers of dough and creamy rich butter for whole new pizza eating experience!

Overall, I feel that their pizzas are made of premium atas ingredients but it doesn’t come with the atas price tag. The best part of it all - pizzas are just going $22 for 2 regular pizzas and $33 for 2 large pizzas. (super value for money considering the ingredients used!) Order now at

Overly Cheezy Pizza
Hougang Ave 5, #01-189 Block 311, Singapore 530311

Opening Hours
11am–11pm Daily
Tel: 62454922

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