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Sunday, September 20, 2020
This post is done in collaboration with other influencers from Influencers Unlimited group, where we recommend our favorite items/tips from DAISO. Scroll to the bottom to read the rest of other bloggers reviews!

 1. Relax while getting odors out of the house! 
 DAISO sells a wide range of scented aromatic candles and potpourri that gives the bathroom/bedroom a super nice smell while I relax and enjoy a flickering warm glow or fill up with happy thoughts due to the attractive visuals of the flowers. I got the candle holder separately from the makeup section because I really love the cover golden color & pattern. 

 2. Organize your stuffs nicely https://www.facebook.com/groups/welovedaiso/permalink/1566849443522030/ 
Other than selling MUJI inspired looking minimalistic organizers, I find DAISO products really good for organizing stuffs around the house. I love how on some occasions they will sell some good aesthetics finds like this white and gold jewellery tray at DAISO. It can also double up as a bar soap holder in your bathroom. 

 3. Bring your photography skills to the next level
Shooting some photos for products sometimes gets a little boring, so I got some flower petals and pink glass rocks to add some refreshing visual elements to the photos. It reflects light onto the products and creates an interesting new look. You can also use the glass rocks to protect plants roots by putting it on top of your soil in flowerpots! 

Photo Source: Hardware Zone

 4. Clean your house with Japan cleaning products
I haven't tried this before but I saw that DAISO sells an awesome mold remover product! When I'm unable to gain any inspirations or not sure whether a product is good sometimes, I look for inspirations on other bloggers blogs and also on this FB group called We Love Daiso for other great finds.

Photo Source: Women's Weekly

 5. Stay in trend with the recent pegboard craze
Last but not least, a dedicated shoutout to recent pegboard craze that have taken over the internet by storm! Pegboards are a multi-purpose, DIY space-saving boards that reduces clutter, thus giving an effortlessly simple alternative to store and display your items. You can hook, peg, hang your items any way you like and if you require different types of storage style, you can change it according to your needs. Here are some photos of the accessories they were selling in DAISO!

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  1. I've want the peg board, but i can't find them on my usual Daiso spots 😭

    1. It's ok! CF gotten it from IKEA, you can get the accessories from DAISO :D

  2. Haha. I would have got the peg board from Daiso if I know of them earlier. Anyway I got the Ikea one at the beginning of the year, and my hubby say my desk area looks like a workshop now, LOL!

    1. Nice! I kind of like the workshop feels it gives actually!

  3. The disney make up is which brand?!

  4. Can someone advice me where to buy the daiso peg board adhesive and suction cup! I couldn’t find it anywhere online and the outlets don’t sell them!😖

  5. vivo daiso has the pegboard adhesive.


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