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Monday, November 09, 2020

As an avid tea-drinker, I would order green tea/oolong tea during meals when dining out. Needless to say, when there is a new tea that is promoted for sleeping, I jumped right at it. Due to the COVID and Work From Home situation, it have been harder for one to regulate sleeping pattern and in turn, affected mental health greatly. I decided to try it out and review the product.

(Photo Credit: GoodNight Tea Facebook)

GoodNight Tea (by Dr Carey Tea) is a white tea where the tea leaves are collected from wild plants growing in the primeval forests in Australia. The hand-picked wild plants are dried naturally, vacuum packed and air-shipped to Singapore, where they will undergo a series of organic standard process to protect their original ecological characteristics (and their benefits).

GoodNight Tea also meets the HACCP standard of international food safety production and passed the international SGS authoritative test, with no residues of 374 kinds of pesticides. It have also been experienced by 3,000 before launching into the market, hence anyone can enjoy GoodNight Tea with a peace of mind.

Unlike other type of tea, GoodNight Tea does not contain any caffeine (suitable for people suffering from anxiety as caffeine is to be avoided to reduce fast heartbeats). I drink 1 daily slowly after dinner and also during noon time when I'm feeling extra stressed. By concentrating on the warm temperature and gently sipping time to time, the tea relaxes and calms me down by "grounding" me from my anxious thoughts.

Each packet of GoodNight Tea serves about 7 tea bags (1 week portion). 1 tea bag can be used up to 1000ml of water, depending on the strength of your preferred taste. It can serve up 2 - 3 cups. I also like how the package can be resealed to ensure the freshness of the tea leaves.

Compared to chamomile tea (which also helps to promote sleep), GoodNight Tea has a more robust taste and there is a smell of grassy freshness. As chamomile are mostly from the flavors of the flowers, the taste is much lighter. GoodNight Tea taste is similar to drinking pu-er tea and if I had a particularly unhealthy (oily) dinner, the taste helps to neutralize and balance out the after feels. 

Overall, I would recommend GoodNight Tea if you are someone who is looking to live a healthier lifestyle, especially when you need a boost when it comes to sleeping. As someone whom have been prescribed sleeping pills before, I would prefer tea drinking as a more natural and long term solution to a better health. You can purchase their products from their website or find out more information on their Facebook and Instagram.

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