Kin Hoi - Fresh Cockles & Seafood in Holland Block 6

Friday, November 06, 2020
Shellfish lovers, gather for some un-shellfish sharing of a newly discovered gem located in famous Holland Block 6 Hawker Centre (with Sin Kee Chicken Rice and Pung Pung ZiChar Kitchen). Founded by Daniel Teo (a startup consultant and entrepreneur that manages a number of startups), Kin Hoi offer fresh shellfishes such as cockles, oysters, gong gong and top shell. 

I was totally reeled in by their oysters (freshly flown in from Japan) for $3.50/piece. The taste is comparable to what you would get in restaurants (minus the GST/service charge). They also have shipments coming in from Seattle, USA for an affordable price of $19.50/6 pieces and stocks are limited, so be sure to call in to ask! It is available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday only.

As Kin Hoi's co-founder is originally from Thailand (also an executive in a well known marketing firm), one can enjoy authentic Thai style recipes such as their tangy yet flavorful Thai style salad and their delicious Thai Honey Grilled Pork. The pork is simply irresistible with heavenly grilled flavors and its super tender as well!

Unlike other cockles stall, Kin Hoi serves authentic Thai Chili that give you quite a punch, with a taste of spicy shiokness with every bite. Their cockles are extremely clean without sand as they wake up at 4am to clean each and every shellfish, one by one. All of their shellfishes exterior are also cleanly scrubbed. Really applaud them for their determination to ensure optimum quality of the food they serve!

I also had my first experience tasting Gong Gong for the first time. The texture is firm, QQ and it was super easy to take out the meat! I also read online that if the meat is cooked just right, it should be easy to take out. Together with the Thai chilli sauce, I ate like 6 - 7 Gong Gong at one go. There was also a lady sitting nearby & conquering with a whole plate of Gong Gong to herself. No doubt the shellfishes are really popular here.

Kin Hoi is only open from 4pm - 10pm as they are usually out sending deliveries in the morning & noon, so if you are craving for some shellfishes anywhere on this island you can order via Whatsapp +6591919173 or visit their Facebook page for more information. Happy to have discovered this place with Tracy, Jessie and ShuQing!

Blk 6 Holland Close Singapore 271006

Opening Hours 
Tuesday - Sunday 4pm - 10pm
Closed on Monday
Tel: +6591919173

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