Beauty Products Review - ARENA Charcoal Foaming Mask + Diamant Peeling Cream

Wednesday, November 24, 2021
I have been on hiatus from the blog for quite some time due to kidney stones hospitalization but I'm back with this post after receiving 2 special items from the lovely people from Coslab! I went to their outlet for a facial spa trial before - it was pretty good.

Being unable to leave the house, I felt that my skin feels really clogged up because I couldn't even go out for a proper facial to deep cleanse my skin. When I realized that I was being sent an exfoliator and deep cleanser, my heart did a little jump for joy (yay!). I put the products to the test, hopeful that it will aid my skin to hold out till I get a proper facial!

The first product - ARENA Charcoal Foaming Mask ($98 for 50ml) caught my eye as it was bigger. With a Bamboo Charcoal base, this product is a multi-action foaming mask that acts as a deep cleanser to help refine pores while hydrating the skin, giving a smooth and refreshing effect on the skin.

I am a big fan of charcoal beauty products because of its microporous material with excellent absorption properties. It absorbs and filters out harmful chemicals, toxins as well as organic/inorganic impurities.

My verdict - I think what makes this product so fun to use was the bubbles that formed on my face. It reminded me strongly of Samanli Charcoal Bubble Mask that was trending a while back and I like using that too. My face feels super clean after using, and the best part of it all - I didn't have to scrub hard, I let the bubbles do the job. I love how moisturized my skin feels instead of feeling dry and tight, which is what happens when I use cleansers that are harsh and strip my skin of natural oils.

The second product - Diamant Peeling ($160 for 50ml) is a unique peeling and exfoliating cream containing natural precious mineral elements, salicylic acid and resveratrol enzymes. It is a triple-action peel based on three active complexes which act together: Microdermabrasion Action, Revjuvenating Exfoliation and Active Anti Wrinkle. It works like a micro peeling treatment that helps to whiten and rejuvenate your skin. (just what I need when I can't go for a facial!)

My verdict - This product caught me by surprise. My skin was a little brighter after using it, and it felt softer too. Initially, because it was a sample-sized and small product - I have to admit that I didn't think too much of it. But after usage, the effect was visible, and I kind of like it. Of course, it was backed up with an award (Beauty Insider Awards 2021 - Best Facial Exfoliator), and the result is as good as it is recommended.

Source: Coslab Instagram

Using a good exfoliator means better absorption of skincare afterwards, and I always follow up with a mask after that. My skin does feel more hydrated even after using my mask and I'm loving the results.

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