What to expect at Singapore's First Pug Cafe - What The Pug @ Haji Lane

Monday, December 13, 2021

Located at Haji Lane, What The Pug cafe (@whathepugcafe) is the latest pet cafe that features adorable pugs that are happy to hop onto your lap for a cuddle and a selfie! We ventured down craving for a serotonin boost from our furry friends and made a reservation via a phone call. Reservation was quick and easy. Do note that a maximum of 8 - 10 people are allowed, and each session lasts for 45mins for $20 per pax. 

Initially, we wanted to book from their website, but it wasn't easy to navigate via phone. A quick google search shows that they are under a retail concept company called Beau, which also owns a group of retail shops selling items ranging from Bearicks Popart to clothes and accessories. We then discovered that you can actually pre-book tickets here.

Anyways, let's get into it! The location was easy to find because it was near to the entrance of Haji lane, just beside the famous "I am" cafe. We collected our tickets and were offered a 10% discount on any items from the stores under the same company (lookout for stores with the black flags outside). Note: items must be purchased on the same day. Flash your entrance tickets to utilize.

You are encouraged to sit on the floor for the pugs to hop onto your lap or be close enough for pug stroking action! If you put your face close to them, they'll even lick you affectionately too (but be sure to bring an extra mask unless you are ok with it soaked with pug drool, hahaha).

Towards the end of the session, we were given a free polaroid! Note: photos taken for polaroids are automatically deleted after a few mins, so if you want photos to keep, do bring your own camera or use your own phone instead. There is always 1 - 2 staff during the sessions keeping a watchful eye and happy to help with photos.

Overall, we had a great time! The staff was extremely friendly and entertaining, even giving us a surprise quiz and letting winning a mini prize! (some treats for the pugs). We guessed the weights of the pugs and also got to know more about their daily life. There is a pug that's an alpha, and a pug that likes to shower more than the others! The atmosphere in the room was lively and all the guests present were super chill so all the pugs were just lying around, enjoying scratches. Ah, such is life.

There are also some cute pugs merchandise available for sale, as well as complimentary drinks and WIFI. Would strongly recommend a visit as the next date idea for pet lovers. I won't recommend it as a cafe spot as there is no food and drinks for sale, but you can always visit the cafes around Haji lane after the date!

80 Haji Ln, Singapore 189271

For reservation: 

www.beau.com.sg /62933350

Opening Hours:

Tues - Sun 12pm - 8pm closed on Mondays.

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