$32.8++ Semi buffet promo with spicy bullfrog and sliced fish hotpot at Taikoo Lane

Saturday, December 18, 2021

Attention mala lovers, Taikoo Lane Hotpot is back with the new "Signature Spicy Bullfrog and Sliced Fish Hotpot '' specially created by Chef Tang, our head chef with more than 20 years experience in Sichuan cuisine. Enjoy this festive season together with Taikoo Lane Hotpot! NEW semi-buffet with 8 unlimited vegetarian side dishes!

Nestled in Chinatown Point, Taikoo Lane Hotpot boasts a mixture of individual pots and large shared pots, so you can dine solo or rally your loved ones for a hotpot session whenever you have a craving.

Signature Spicy Bullfrog and Sliced Fish Hotpot
The fiery yet mouth-watering Signature Spicy Bull Frog and Sliced Fish Hotpot is the perfect blend of traditional flavors and modern preferences, this tandem combination creates a burst of flavours that tickles your taste buds. 

To ensure the taste and quality of the hotpot, all ingredients are carefully selected by our dedicated chefs. All bullfrogs and fish slices are locally sourced to ensure freshness and quality and many of our spices such as green peppercorn are air-flown from Sichuan to retain authentic flavours. 

The head chef, Chef Tang has more than 20 years of experience working in renowned hotpot restaurants such as Big Captain Hotpot in Chengdu. Hence, he has developed his own unique cooking techniques, excelling in fresh combinations and understanding the customers preferences. Chef Tang prepares hotpot by stir-frying the bullfrog with a generous portion of spices, next, he adds in marinated fish slices and simmers the flavourful delicacy. 

After simmering the savoury broth, Chef Tang spreads a thick layer of spices such as Sichuan pepper, dried chilli, diced spring onion, coriander before reaching the most captivating step “splashing oil". When the bubbling hot oil is splashed over the spices, the whole dish is set ablaze by the sizzling oil and a burst of simulating aroma fills the air. The hotpot is now ready to be served. 

Healthy and Tasty
The new launch of our Signature Spicy Bullfrog and Sliced Fish Hotpot during this festive season satisfies the cravings of customers and serves as a protein-rich broth. Bullfrogs have extremely high nutritional value compared to other meat. It has protein content as high as 56.53% and is often the top choice for gym-goers. Furthermore, bullfrogs have a very low fat content, making them a weight-loss-friendly option. Similarly, sliced fish is also a popular option among health enthusiasts. 

Christmas Special-Semi-Buffet
To show appreciation for their customers, we have launched a "semi-buffet" promotion where customers can enjoy unlimited vegetable dishes and a staple. Customers can also top up $2.50 for free flow plum drink. Promotion is available from 20 Dec to 28 Jan, only at $32.8++ (for 2 pax and above). 

The serving size of each hotpot soup base will be adjusted according to the number of diners per table. Vegetarian side dishes include 8 types of vegetables, including: cabbage, winter melon, radish, potato slices, seaweed, tofu skin, black fungus and enoki mushroom. Additionally, customers can receive a free bowl of staple and condiments. For non-spicy hotpot lovers, we have many soup bases in store for you: collagen pork bone soup, low-calories tomato soup and ginseng chicken. 

You can make your reservation one day in advance at 69700966! Promotion is available from Monday to Thursday and Friday lunch (excluding public holidays). Get ready to travel to Sichuan with gastronomic encapsulation of flavours in a single hotpot. 

About Taikoo Lane Hotpot:
Nestled in Chinatown Point, Taikoo Lane is a hotpot concept conceived by Chengdu Restaurant, a popular Sichuan restaurant serving fiery, mala traditional dishes with a modern twist. Taikoo Lane hotpot restaurant offers a variety of unique Sichuan and Cantonese broths, regular launch of creative dishes and even social games (such as murder mystery games) for a refreshing hotpot experience. 

That means, your tongue and lips have to get ready for some numbing sensation. Nope, not just mala, but Chengdu Green Pepper Broth, Huadiao Collagen Soup, and Spicy Pickled Baby Lobster Soup as well. Must-try dishes include Spanish Iberico Pork slices, Marinated Beef, Green pepper chicken, as well as iconic Sichuan street snacks such as Beggar Potato and Handmade Crispy Fried Meat. 

 At Taikoo Lane Hotpot, diners can have a choice of either individual pots for a more customized experience, or share a large pot among family and friends. Whether you prefer to dine solo or as a group, you can find the best arrangement here, at Chinatown Point basement 1 (next to Uniqlo).

Venue: Chinatown Point, 133 New Bridge Rd, B1-16, S059413
Operating hours: Daily 11am – 9pm (Sun-Thur) 11am - 930pm(Fri-Sat)
Capacity: 100 with private rooms
Tel: 69700966
Tiktok: @chengdubowl
Red App: @成都Bowl (ID: 771730268)

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